Bro. Juan Sornito


Bro. Prof. Juan Sornito, together with Bro. Engineer Celestino Javier, have the unusual distinction of being called the the founders of the Phi Beta Epsilon Fraternity on September 28, 1947 at Central Philippine College (now Central Philippine University) in Iloilo City, Philippines.

Philippines was just fresh from the ravages of World War II in 1945 when Prof. Juan Sornito was appointed Dean of Central Philippine College with 27 enrollees. Under his leadership, the college started with only the civil engineering course until it saw more enrollees.

In 1949, Dean Sornito joined forces with Prof. Lester Knox and the college graduated seven students with BSCE degrees after surviving the four strenuous years of study. Like two doting fathers, Dr. Knox and Prof. Sornito, still in partnership, established an incentive for deserving students in 1956. This was the Quality Engineering Scholarship. In 1961, Prof. Sornito turned over the reins of deanship.

As a world-renowned Mathematician, Prof. Sornito was a member of the American Mathematical Society and was responsible for the following papers:

Squaring A Circle
Juan E. Sornito
A method.
50, (1957) 51 - 52.

Involution Operated Geometrically
Juan E. Sornito
Constructing a segment of length a to the nth.
48, (1955) 243 - 244.

Prof. Sornito also possesses a law degree from the same university. Among the accolades for illustrious Professor Sornito is the recognition of his services during the war when he fought for freedom in Western Visayas with a rank of Captain.