Bro. Pio A. Go, Jr.
CPU BSME 1973, PBE 1968

My mom told me I was born in Pototan on August 24, 1951. There were 10 of us in the family. I’m the 7th of five girls and five boys. I’m the younger brother of Betan sister Lourdes Go although my batchmates never knew she and sis Auring (Aurora Alerta Lim) were Betans until the founding of PBEFI. I finished my elementary education in Pototan Pilot Elementary School. It was during this period that going to school with slippers (smuggle and bakya) was a luxury. My classmates who had to walk daily for 3 to 5 kilometers from the barrios didn’t even mind coming to school on foot and on their bare feet because their moms told them that going to school was the only ticket out of life’s misfortunes.

Pototan was at the crossroad of commerce and trading in the island of Panay, I was privileged to sell mani, empanada ni ulang Banso’ by which we were trained to roll dough and make the empanadas with our own tiny hands, newspaper & magazines (Free Press, Hiligaynon, Liwayway), star apple, and balut by chasing trains and buses that went through town. Shining shoes at the train and bus stations was also one of my profound experiences in early life until mid high school. I did all these not because my family can’t feed us three times a day but because mom told me what the toughest but responsible kids of my less fortunate neighbors (compared to us) had to do in order to eat.

In 1967 I graduated high school in CPU. I think I found myself in high school. It gave me confidence that I can handle any course in college; though at the time I did not have the foggiest idea what to take. Upon graduation my mom told me to become a band member in order to attend college the following school year or else the train tracks and the palay kargadors in Pototan were waiting for me. For one whole summer in 1967 to both the delight and dismay of my neighbors in San Isidro, Jaro (in front of CPU) and in Pototan, I learned to trumpet my way through college, whilst they had to put up with my daily annoyances. My admission to the University band meant 100% college tuition scholarship. Most of my high school classmates took engineering so I did too, and I enrolled in mechanical engineering at CPU in 1967.

It was in my second year in 1968 when Bro. Abay (Sabas Homena) coaxed me into joining Phi Beta Epsilon Fraternity. During my initiation, I introduced radio advertising in the CPU campus. This made my daily rigors a little easier than other neophytes, I thought, because I was only asked to stand in front of the library or in some class intermissions to do my “Denila Bolidenized Lumber and Arturo De La Cruz master cutter extraordinaire” advertisements. Little did I know that some of my masters marked me as their favorite weeping neophyte for the final rites and the march with the carabaos in Pavia. They later told me they had to closely watch me the following initiation year for fear that I may do the things they did to me. But they were disappointed. I was one of the more consciencious masters there ever was.

College life at this point was socially unforgettable. With the help of the cream of the crop of all engineering students at the time I was MEB, I organized and produced the one and only Tampuhaw Festival in 1972 as the fund raising project of the fraternity. Additionally, I co-invented the Slide Wrong Orchestra that received some invitations to perform in University programs years after the Festival.

A couple of years after graduation spent in futility in Iloilo, I found myself being fed and sheltered by Bros. Al Aninao and Ed Calderon in Quezon City near UP Diliman until I was ushered into my first job in 1974 with Litton Mills Inc. in Rosario, Pasig. I started as a staff engineer in project engineering and quickly moved on to plant maintenance and management in the diversified textile mill because I could play basketball. I later moved to Bataan Export Processing Zone garment factories as Superintendent of Engineering Services.

I migrated to the United States in July 10, 1980 with $10 in my pocket and only one thing in mind: to land an engineering job in this “land of opportunity” - nothing less was acceptable. At this juncture, families of Bros. Hernando Lagdamen and again Al Aninao along with my sister took turns to keep me sheltered and fed.

The first year of my life in California of this United States, as expected, was uncertain and cursory. My first job was only good for 2 months as assistant to the entomologist of the County. It was a temporary job tasked at eradicating the first multi million-dollar Mediterranean fruit fly infestations in the Silicon Valley that threatened the States Agricultural crops. I was spraying insecticide at the backyard fruit trees of households in San Jose. Then I became a building maintenance mechanic for one month with only one accomplished assigned work before my first lay-off during the first recession of my American experience.

My third job got me to the career of my life - Facilities Engineering. I started as design drafter and then associate engineer of HVAC engineering firm before becoming facilities engineer of Fairchild Semiconductor in 1981. All I did was tell the interviewers, my future bosses, that my bread & butter was drafting, design and installation of air conditioning systems, however that was not the case. Though I ably delivered when asked, having to drive my motorcycle and freezing my face just to borrow Bro. Lamayo’s (Hernando Lagdamen) HVAC books and notes. I just kept telling my interviewers I knew plumbing, process piping, ultra pure RO/DI water system, air and waste water treatment systems, fire sprinkler systems, health and safety, distribution systems and alarm - controls of toxic semiconductor gases, hazardous chemicals and their waste treatment systems, server rooms, data network systems, space planning and construction management and all the things they want to hear, which, again, wasn’t the case.

My two first jobs enabled me to fund my search for the engineering position I was still defining at the time. I learned a lot during the job-hunting process. Studying newspaper advertisements, job descriptions/responsibilities and copying them into my resume and learning from countless job interviews. I am forever convinced that oral and written communication skills are immensely important in reaching one’s objective and above all, one must win within him or herself before he or she can win anywhere else.

My last employment in 2001 was with Maxim Semiconductor, then a 2 billion dollar company as Facilities Engineering Manager without any semester of schooling in the U.S. - Facilities engineering of Semiconductor Company was my goal. One gets to manage 10 to 70 people to do space planning, design efficient systems and build from concept to completion class 10, 100, 1000 cleanrooms, buildings, and cutting edge technologies that meet or exceed industry and military standards.

The demise of Semiconductor Industry in 2001 got everyone in the Silicon Valley scrambling for their dear future. I fled to venture and manage my own rental properties and run a couple of general automobile repair stations still in San Jose, California.

Brethren, since we cannot help others without helping ourselves first, we can better help others if we make ourselves better. Some of us are engineers, managers, teachers, politicians, administrators, entrepreneurs, entertainers, scientists, and janitors. There will be winners and unfortunately also losers, rich and poor, happy and sad, living and dead. We are all different in more ways than one. Inequality is human society. Let me therefore urge every up and coming brother out there to always give it the best you can and be what you can be. The only limit there is, is in one's own mind.

I am married to the former Merilyn Grecia of Buenavista, Guimaras whom I met in college. We are blessed with two kids, Micaela Jill, 22, is in her 4rd year in Fine Arts majoring in Photography while Melanie Gwen, 15, is in 9th grade.

Work Experience Summary:

1974 - 1975 – Staff engineer, Project Group, Litton Mills, Rosario, Pasig
1975 – 1976 – Humiduct Foreman, Engineering Services, Litton Mills.
1976 – 1977 – Boiler Foreman, Engineering Services, Litton Mills.
1977 – 1978 – Production Control Supervisor, Supreme Togs Inc, BEPZ Mariveles, Bataan.
1978 – 1980 – Engineering Services Superintendent, Amco and Sedgefield Inc. BEPZ Mariveles, Bataan.
Migrated to California in July 10, 1980
1981 – Design Drafter and Associate Mechanical Engineer, Sullivan & Mason Inc., Sunnyvale, Ca
1981 – 1983 – Design Drafter, Fairchild Semiconductor, Mountain View, Ca
1983 – 1989 – Facilities Engineer, Raytheon Semiconductor, Mountain View, Ca
1989 – 1994 – Senior Facilities Engineer, Raytheon Semiconductor, Mountain View, Ca
1994 – 1997 – Senior Facilities Engineer, Sumitomo Sitix Silicon Inc. Fremont, Ca
1997 – 2002 – Facilities Engineering Manager, Maxim Semiconductor Inc, Sunnyvale, Ca
2002 to present – Manage own rental properties and general automobile repair business.

Professional Affiliation and Training:

Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Association of Energy Engineers
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)
High Purity Water Treatment Training
Energy Management Training
Management Training