Bro. Danilo "Danny" Feniola
UI BSME 1981, PBE 1978 Batch 16


Back in the 70's, Brod Arnold Gallaza, who happened to be from the same town I came from - Dumalag,Capiz, recruited me to join Phi Beta Epsilon Fraternity. We were also members of the UI Marching Band together with Brods Nelson Mangyan and Leo Aliparo.

I have no idea why I joined but I did it anyway. Of course, Brod Hernan Sausa, our MEB at the time was at the top of our class so it's a plus (if you know what I mean). Back then, the
process was though physical, mental and emotional test that if withstood would be carried on throughout your whole life. Out of the twenty two recruits, five of us survived that initiation. By the way, Brod Hernan's better half, Sis Haide was our Fraternity Sweetheart. We were very active in school activities being members of UI Choral Group, Santa Maria Church Choir, tutorial group in UI Technology Department and other activities.

After graduation, I landed a job at Mayer Steel Pipes Corp., Bulacan where five of the Brods, Vic Koa, Arnold Gallaza, Nelson Mangyan, Saint Gray Paulino and Hernan Sausa were already employed and of course Brod Vic Koa's father was the Personnel Manager of the plant so interview was not an employment requirement.

We were close to Brod Narsing Gregorios who was starting out his food business at the time. At one point, we took a tricycle and delivered "Fried Tapa" to different supermarkets in Metro Manila. I am happy and elated that soon his business became a huge success.

The following year I moved on to take another job at Hitachi Philippines, took and passed the Mechanical Engineering Board Exam only to lose my job a year later with a less than a year old daughter to feed. I really appreciated the fact that Brods visited and helped us out during hard times. With the unemployment situation in Manila, opportunity in Saudi Arabia was hard to pass on and that was where I spent the next six years. Saudi provided the job opportunity but at the same time presented challenges in all aspects of my life.

I moved here in the States in 1990 . I have 3 children , Florelie, 21 yrs old, a nursing student. Danison, 19 yrs old, Biotech Student and Leah , 11 yrs old, 6th grade. My wife Daisy, a Nurse, is from Alimodian, Iloilo. The following is my brief resume:

1981 Graduated BSME at University of Iloilo.
1982 Worked as Quality Control at Mayer Steel Pipes Corp., Valenzuela ,Bulacan
1983 Passed Mechanical Eng'g. Board Exam. Worked at Hitachi (Phils) as Design Staff Engineer, Novaliches, Quezon City.
1984 - 1989 Employed by several companies in Saudi Arabia:

- Maintenance Engineer, Algosaibe Eng'g. Company, Ministry of Health Hospital Maintenance Project
- Site Engineer for Delta/Danya Corp., Saudi Telecom Maintenance Project
- Site Maintenance Manager , Electrolux Corporation, Swedish Embassy, Riyadh

1990 Immigrated to the U.S.
1991 -1994 HVAC Service Technician, Geriatric & Medical Company, Philadelphia, PA
1994 - Present Senior Engineer, Plant Operations, Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia,Philadelphia, PA

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to laud the efforts of all Brods from all over the world that made the PBE International a cornerstone to strengthen and unify all chapters, spend there precious time and resources to bring and contribute to this enormous undertaking and set ideals and examples to the younger generation that would promote a true Brotherhood among us and our society. Someday, in our small way we might make a difference in our lives and the society where we live in.