Bro. Fruto De La Flor
USA , Pioneer Member First Batch 1978


I was born in Sara, Iloilo on August 19, 1960. I have three brothers namely, Franklin Dioso (Chicago), Plaridel de la Flor, Jr. (Chicago) and Engr. Lydel de la Flor (Sara) and four sisters namely, Filipinas Cabalfin (Schaumburg, Il), Lydia Aligan II (Manhattan, New York), Dra. Fe Porquez (Sara) and Florenda Simpas (Villa, Iloilo).

I finished my Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of San Agustin in 1982. Eager to get a taste of a first job, I immediately went to the Middle East upon graduation and worked there for seven years before coming back to the Philippines. I have worked for 3 years at Litton Saudi Arabia Ltd. as Materials Specialist, under Royal Saudi Air Force's CCC Program dealing with radar and gadgets in Air Defense Operation Center. I have also worked for Yanbu Petroleum Company at their Maintenance Department. In 1986, while at the Philippines briefly, I took the opportunity to take the Board Exams and passed.

My life as a Betan started when Bro. Rey Zerrudo who is also from Sara recruited me to join the Phi Beta Epsilon Fraternity. I realized that the fraternity was non-existent in San Agustin by then. He, together with Bro. Eugene Tamayo, transferees from CPU, were founding the Phi Beta Epsilon Fraternity USA Chapter. In 1978, three of us from San Agustin namely, Carlos Sion, Ramy Pudadera and myself, joined several other neophytes from CPU and subjected ourselves to the initiation rituals at Bro. Abay’s farm in Guimaras. Eventually, all three of us from San Agustin survived and became the pioneer Betans of the USA Chapter. Together with nine survivors from CPU, we were called the Dirty Dozen. My "maninoys" were Bros. Rey Zerrudo and Felix "Panoy" Penacerrada.

Currently, I am in Chicago where I have been living since 1995. Life here is very challenging and I found that I need to stay competitive to survive the rat race. My previous employers include the Volvo of North America and American NTN Bearing. I have also worked as a Teller at First Chicago Bank.Currently, I work as LPN for Evanston Northwestern Healthcare Home Services. I have completely switched career by going to the medical field because of the job situation in my area. Up to now, I thought that it was one of the wisest decisions I have ever made.

I am married to Candy Horlador of Sara, Iloilo since 1985. We are blessed with two charming and smart children, Candy Joulienne, 15, and Reno Henry, 7, who both live with us here in Chicago. Candy Joulienne is a freshman at Lane Tech High School and Reno Henry is on his First Grade at Helen Pierce School of International Studies.

Next to my lovely bride of twenty years, game hunting is my other love like waterfowl and small game birds. I have been a hunter for ten years now. If you want to look for me in Sara, go to the mountains. Where you hear a shot is where you find me. First, find an off-road bike, then follow the trails and listen for the bird sounds. It is my passion. Here, I go fishing at Lake Michigan but to me, it is not as exciting as hunting. I am a simple person at heart. I love farm life and I love the charm and simplicity of the rural life. My biggest dream is to retire, live in the farm and just hunt everyday.